Warming, anti-inflammatory, and soothing to the gut, this rhizome should always have a place in your kitchen. During the winter months, ginger is one of my go-to herbs if I begin to come down with a cold. Make a fresh tea by steeping the root after it’s been chopped into small pieces, or save time by buying it in tea bags. Check out this quick video tutorial on how to peel ginger more easily.


Throughout history and in folk medicine, this evergreen plant has been prized for its ability to help stimulate memory. Many compounds are believed to be present in this therapeutic herb, including the oil and possible neuroprotective actives, making it a promising and widely available plant to have handy to stave off decline in normal brain function. This herb would be a great addition to roasted chickens or your Thanksgiving turkey.


This comforting spice not only lends a warming touch to baked goods, but boasts some health-promoting attributes too. Take advantage of the blood-sugar regulating properties of this spice and sprinkle it liberally. Holiday baking seems to call for this spice often, so you if you’ve yet to use it on a daily basis, enjoy it perhaps in a sweet treat. Or try adding it to your tea or coffee instead of sweeteners.


Similar to rosemary, sage also contains a variety of compounds which yield the brain-boosting attributes like the volatile oils and flavonoids (plant nutrients). Rosmarinic acid is a component found in sage which bears antioxidant qualities. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, certain enzyme inhibitors present while plaques begin to form in the brain. Research has shown that these beneficial chemicals in sage may work to inhibit the increase of these detrimental enzyme inhibitors. Sage would also be an excellent flavor agent to turkey for Thanksgiving.

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