It is the month of “Fogust” here in San Francisco and a cool 60 degrees on average, but I realize that elsewhere Summer weather is in full effect. And what better way to cool off then with a cold iced beverage paired with coconut and lime.

Give this simple Coconut Lime Refresher a try — I created this one hot day a while ago and it definitely served its purpose of cooling me down.

I especially favor simple recipes with minimal fuss, which this is. It’s also fresh, thirst-quenching, and healthy.


Throw in blender/Nutribullet/Vitamix:

– juice of 3 fresh-squeezed limes
– 1 can full-fat coconut milk
– 2-3 mint leaves (optional)
– 6-8 ice cubes

Makes approximately 2-3 drinks.

Blend until ice is chopped up and mint leaves are tiny enough. Pour in glass and enjoy!

It’s quite filling actually from the healthy fat of the coconut milk so this could substitute as an after-meal dessert drink.
You could also add a little sweetener if you don’t find it to be sweet enough.

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