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Are you hoping for a day when it just seems that life will be “easy”?

Or are you creating that life and taking steps each day to get you closer to that ideal?

Life is like a constant struggle to get to the gym and put in the work…the sweat and tears.

You see the future self and what you want to be, but unless you pay the dues, it doesn’t just happen itself.

Proper training and conditioning will make us better people, and I’m not just referring to success and money and job growth. Putting in the effort to connect with people and deepen relationships, opening up yourself to others and learning how to be vulnerable, and discovering who you really are…accepting yourself for all your pros and cons.

I’m a grown adult and lately I’ve been asking myself, what do I really want to be when I grow up? Will this ever fade? Is this just who I am? A perpetual curious being who is always on the hunt for the next adventure? I don’t know. I don’t expect you to either. I think that if I learn to trust the process, put in the daily work, and be open to life and the love of others that I can grow…to be stronger.

It seems obvious to the outsider when you notice a close friend or loved one relive various versions of the same moment, clutching on to bad habits, and yet express frustration with their life. I am prone to this too — none of us are immune, but there are certain habits, cultivated from years of implementation and consistent practice that separate those with admirable habits from those with hindering ones.

So, let’s go back to the idea of waiting for that day when life gets better. Once again, it seems obvious that it’s not just going to appear…that magic moment when all the stars align and all of our woes and worries and struggles disappear. But it’s easier said than done, right?

Meaning…putting in the work. Daily practices that in the moment may seem minute, but in the long run amount to something more meaningful and ultimately lead to a more happier and enriched life.

Just so you understand where I’m coming from and don’t interpret this as though I have my life “together” (because I am far from that and this idea is what triggered me to write about this topic to being with), allow me to be vulnerable (which is one of my goals to improve upon in my life) and share some of the daily steps and practices that I have pinpointed that I could improve upon to yield better, more longlasting and further-down-the-road long-term growth.

Reading and writing

Although I’ve been cultivating my writing skills by sharing this blog with the world, I could improve more by allotting 10 minutes each day to journal, “brain dump”, or put words onto paper. I do believe that the more you do it, the easier it becomes — even if in the moment it may not feel that way. The same can be said with reading, and many would argue that the more you read, the better your writing becomes. I aspire to write a book someday and in order to get to this point, I just need to put in the work of actually starting the writing process. While some authors may have “hit the zone” and created their masterpieces in a divine moment, the majority of them, I believe, have implemented a routine of daily work…over the course of years before their final product was complete. Elizabeth Gilbert references this theory in her inspiring book, Big Magic.


There really is no difference with this hobby and my perfecting it compared to the reading and writing. I’m currently in a position where I’ve been practicing once every 2 weeks. I can do better. I actually feel great once 20 minutes have passed into my practice time…it’s just the starting that’s the most difficult….or the getting to the practice studio part. I compare it to forcing yourself to wake up early. It’s not fun in the moment, but once you’re up, you can usually muster up enough willpower to get going.

Various projects/business ideas

I suffer from conjuring up a ton of ideas and not acting on many of them. What good is a grand idea if you keep it a secret and never share it with the world? I have a dream of acting on some of these ideas and putting steps in place to plot some of the better ones out and actually create something. But….time. That’s my excuse at least. Though this may be partially true, once again it comes back to the idea that if any one of these ideas were truly a priority to me, and something that would inch me closer to happiness and helping me feel as though life is more enjoyable and meaningful (i.e. happier) then, I’d say they are definitely worth pursuing. Just like the examples above, they aren’t going to evolve and manifest themselves over night. These projects and ideas that I possess will require some due diligence; some daily blood, sweat, and tears.

Take Home Message

What are you waiting for in life to get you to where you hope to be someday? Is it that dream job that’ll enable you to make more money to buy that dream home? Or is it wishing you lived in a more conducive environment that meshes with your ideals in life?

What can you do TODAY to begin aligning that end-goal vision with some sort of daily practice that’ll help you work towards that goal?

I don’t believe life just “gets easier”. I do believe that it requires practice (conditioning and strengthening) of whichever aspect of your life that you are hoping to improve upon. This daily practice over the course of many years could potentially produce some amazing growth trajectory and final prize to show for yourself. And in that process you may become stronger.

Any thoughts? If so, please drop a comment below. Let’s keep this conversation going.

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Mike is a holistic nutritionist that helps people feel more optimistic about their health and wellness through changes in diet and lifestyle shifts.

He has authored posts and articles featured on MarthaStewart.com, today.com, and iVillage.com.