“I came to Mike in early 2010 regarding a few health issues my doctor addressed after a physical. Mike was very understanding, not judgmental and made me feel comfortable and at ease while talking with him. He gave me his suggestions, and I gave him my feedback and we worked together to form a nutrition plan that I could live by. Three months later I had another check up with greatly improved results and even my doctor commended his good work. Two years later I am still able to follow the basic plan he gave me. In addition to improving my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers, I also have more energy and glowing skin!”
Anisha, San Francisco, CA

“Mike is a nutrition necromancer — a true magician in the kitchen and an impassioned and dedicated proponent of healthy eating. If only he were my full-time chef! Always creative, his delicious recipes have a simple yet elegant sophistication and use only the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Not only does he practice what he preaches but Mike’s nutritional expertise shines brightest in his skill as a consultant. As my personal nutrition consultant, Mike emphasized the importance of looking at the whole picture when carving out a healthy lifestyle. He was kind and patient and invested in helping me pinpoint what my unique obstacles to a healthy diet had been. He then helped me set manageable goals and provided the knowledge and tools I needed to make more informed choices and start moving towards the fit and healthy place I am now at today. I credit Mike and highly recommend him to anyone wanting nutritional advice, information, recipes and support. He knows and breathes healthy and, if you are committed to following the tips offered, nutritional health can be yours too.”
LeighPortland, OR

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“I have been a type 1 diabetic for 15 years and have worked with Mike to find a nutritional supplement regime that would support my health condition. After taking his recommended supplements (herbs, vitamins, fish oil, etc.), I had the lowest A1C I have ever had with the same lifestyle and diet I had previously. Mike has been a great help to my overall health, and I would highly recommend him to my patients who are seeking nutritional guidance.”
Rob, MSPTSanta Barbara, CA

“I am impressed with Mike’s drive to find holistic, healthy ways to help our bodies heal and to prevent further problems. With Mike, it’s first all about prevention, and like him I believe prevention is the key to be healthy. The first things Mike taught me were discipline and consistency. Since I’ve worked with him, I definitely now make food a priority. He also taught me the importance of regular grocery shopping and offered recommendations for types of food I could bring to work every day to avoid getting tempted by the unhealthy options at work or nearby restaurants. I no longer feel fatigued after lunch or get grumpy for being hungry. He taught me how to make food my friend and not my enemy, always finding the right choice of food for me and my health goals. In addition to the specific individualized lifestyle program he recommended, Mike helped me with several health issues I encountered during our work together. He is really driven to find the root cause of any health concern, analyzing the symptoms and recommending appropriate food and/or supplements to correct and prevent the problems from reoccurring. We experimented with different types of food and supplements and he successfully helped me with several issues such as digestion, sleep, energy, and inflammation. His nutrition advice and personalized lifestyle program have been very helpful in making me aware and accountable for eating healthy foods and exercising on a regular basis. I highly recommend working with him.”
YassineSan Francisco, CA