Personal Nutrition Advisor & Grocery Store Tour Guide

  • Do you want to shop for healthy food but don’t even know where to begin?
  • Or do you just need a little help in deciphering labels, advice on produce and what to do with it, or suggestions for healthier alternatives to some of your comfort foods?
  • Suffering from food allergies/sensitivities and want to learn which foods in the store are “safe” for you?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by too many supplement choices on the shelves and need some guidance in choosing what’s best for your health and your personal goals?

If so, let me be your personal nutrition advisor & grocery store tour guide…

Let me make your life a bit easier!

As a Certified Nutrition Consultant, I can shop with you (at your preferred grocery store) and advise you on which foods to buy and which to avoid while of course keeping in mind your individual goals, preferences, and/or food allergies.

I can help you make wise nutritional choices when shopping, alleviating some of the stress that may usually be involved, while saving you time and also offering additional holistic lifestyle support.

Start making better food shopping experiences that could lead to improved health and overall well-being!

I can meet you anywhere in San Francisco, or surrounding areas (contact me for more details).

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